Do you want to create change in your life?

Change is all that is happening, every moment of every day.

I love this ancient chinese proverb “The only certain thing in life is change”

According to quantum physics, matter (human beings, computers, rocks, trees, water) is formed of atoms, which consists of subatomic particles constantly moving.  It has been recognised that we affect these particles with our attention and our intention.  We are surrounded by an energy field that responds to our thoughts/intention/attention/beliefs.  So we are literally creating our lives with our thoughts.  Atoms that are resonating at the same frequency attract each other.  Our thoughts have a magnetic field effect.

To start the process of creating change, you need to initially get really clear about what you want, where you want to be heading, what your vision is.  If you don’t give the universal energy field a clear picture about what you wish to draw into your life, it will respond to your most dominant thoughts.

Have you created a vision board? This is a very powerful process and helps you clarify what you want to receive. You could also do journaling. Really write down all your want to invite into your life.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Once you have asked for what you want, you then have to believe that you can receive it. Simple right? Not really, you have to work very hard choosing to believe that you can receive what you have asked for. There are some very good books on this subject. “Ask and it is Given” Esther Hicks, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” by Wayne Dyer “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra and many more.

Thoughts are creative.  Every item or object was once just a thought or idea in someone’s mind.

When you are asking for something you want to create in your life, your negative beliefs about not receiving can be so strong (for whatever reason) that a huge amount of negativity can come up, which needs to be processed/released to effect change and movement in thoughts.

Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) talks about how the ego doesn’t want change and we create resistance.  He says, when faced with a situation you don’t want, you either take steps to change it, or you accept it, everything else is futile, a waste of energy and taking away your power from the present moment; the power that comes with knowing that thoughts are creative.

Your thoughts of today are creating your tomorrows.

Become the powerful creator in your life!

Elaine Gibbons